Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood  Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday April 3rd 2014

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present;  Martin & Barbara Angold, Bob & Irene Wrigley,  Glen & Lesley Wall,

Mike Wood,  Judy Harris, Robert Walker,  Kay Reid,  Michael Say, Kevin Eaton (Chairman),


Keith Walker, Martin Farrell, David Railton,


The March 6th Minutes were approved and signed by Chairman

Matters arising

None that were not covered by the ensuing agenda.

Financial statement

Martin Angold reported that a grant for £1,800 had been in hand for a while. Likely expenditure of £1,620 had been identified - of which £640 had been spent. This comprised £200 for the first newsletter/questionnaire, £440 in meetings and room charges.

Mike Wood enquired whether more funding could be obtained, if required. Martin Angold said yes, probably, subject to good reasons. Chairman stressed to all to use the funding, where appropriate.

Martin Angold also said that this funding was separate to the question of paying for a consultant to be involved. He said that an application was lodged for such a person, rather than for funding for same.

Working group updates

Michael Say confirmed that everyone had now received on-line all working groups’ papers, mainly through himself but with the exception of Mike Wood’s two tranches, which he had circulated. The only exceptions were;

Glen and Lesley Wall’s Draft 2 Landscape document. (Since circulated)

Keith Walker’s Hazelwood history - for completion on his return from holiday

Mike Wood/Keith Walker - Settlement character

Mike tabled copies of the Housing Character survey assessments  - with supporting photographs. For the moment, this completes this  ‘evidence’ based task.

Age profile - Bob Wrigley

Similarly, this work is now completed, subject to supplementary questions. Bob had provided sample questions aimed at seeking answers to future housing dilemmas for young people and the elderly. There had also been an interchange on this topic with Mike Wood.

Young people - Carol & Nathan Wood.

There was nothing to report on this and further efforts/ ideas are necessary.

Community facilities - Hugh Walford and Judy Harris

The ‘final ‘ paper had been received plus a welcome addition to this from Robert Walker. This provided some ecclesiastical corrections, where necessary.

Landscape character - Glen and Lesley Wall

Subject to the Draft 2 document being circulated, this task is virtually completed. Glen Wall said that he would like to include acreages. It was agreed that a calculation could be undertaken with Mike Wood’s help.

Michael Say added that officially designated sites - with acknowledged descriptions - would further enhance the document e.g. Site of Special Scientific Interest, World Heritage Site Buffer Zone etc. There were also Derbyshire County Council designated countryside descriptions e.g. Wooded farmland, Enclosed moors and heath etc. It would be important to ensure that AVBC readers were readily able to ‘tick boxes’ because of familiar language.

Planning history - Martin Angold

This had been circulated although he advised that a Draft 2 would follow.

Vision, objectives, policies - Martin Angold, Kevin Eaton, Michael Say

This is WIP. To some extent, it will be further informed by the second stage questionnaire

Chairman thanked all concerned for their efforts. It now needed the various elements of the evidence base to be consolidated, in the manner of the Idridghay document. This would require précis, common styling, removal of repetition, general quality control etc.


Martin Angold will undertake to start the process. In due course, and in answer to Mike Wood’s question in relation to the time frame, a draft document for all to comment upon will be presented.

Communications Plan

Michael Say outlined three key elements which were needed and had  been provisionally scheduled;


Social evening

Stand at village fete

1/ Newsletter and a second questionnaire - early May

He reminded everyone that the last contact with residents had been the Feb 20th

Social evening. Memories were short and a further communication through peoples’ letter boxes was urgent.

A 4pp newsletter was suggested with a loose A4, double sided questionnaire.

Front page.

News/pix of Feb20th evening, key findings of research,

NB Lesley Wall to provide a memory stick of pix + hard copy versions for ease of reference.

Page 2

Continuation + pix, leading in to reasons for second stage research i.e. What? Why?

IMPORTANT. Also flag up young people’s research and need for their opinions.


Answers to Post-it notes question and pix

Page 4

Village fete and stand, ‘Come and talk to us‘, Social ‘do’ details.


Michael Say stressed that this second exercise needed to be handled as thoroughly as the first i.e. with accompanying, addressed envelope, opportunity to complete on-line.

The two main areas for further research appeared to be accommodation and community facilities. Michael Say had also tried to identify what Idridghay had enquired about and Hazelwood had not. These were;

Availability of housing

Business and Tourism (Some of the Business research  had been by telephone)


Road Safety



Michael Say felt that the second questionnaire needed to concentrate on the two key items and not be too complicated  Some of the other  issues had undoubtedly cropped up in answers even where specific questions had not been asked. Further questions about the landscape, for instance,  seemed unnecessary given the clear mandate of residents..

Chairman suggested that, nevertheless, everyone should consider what further questions could be asked and to get these to Michael Say by Wednesday April 9th, latest.

Action; Michael Say to write draft copy for Newsletter and formulate draft MKII questionnaire, once questions are to hand.

Completion, provisionally mid April.

Design and production 3rd week April,

Printing and distribution last week April/first week May.

2/ Social evening - June ?

Need for plan for the evening and attendant organisation.

Action; Kevin Eaton.

3/ Village Fete stand -  Saturday July 19th

This needs contact with the fete organiser, deciding content and group rota for attendance.

Action; Kevin Eaton.

Time frame

This was discussed and Michael Say stressed that it was very outline at this stage. It was also evident that to even hope to conclude with a referendum by the Autumn, there was absolutely no time to lose.

The timing was accepted in those terms.

Engagement and future communications

Mast head

The defined area for the future referendum had been decisively settled as

Hazelwood Parish with its attendant electoral roll. Because of Blackbrook and Shottlegate being on the margins, Martin Angold showed two treatments for the masthead - one with the two hamlets mentioned by name as in ‘parts of’. The other simply headed Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan . This latter, fully inclusive option was unanimously approved.

Important non-parishioners

Notwithstanding the above comments, it was agreed that land owners with holdings in the parish, but not actually resident, may have useful comment to consider. Other similar opinions might be useful. It was agreed that a list of such sources ought to be formulated e.g. pubs, bus companies, businesses.

Action; Martin Angold

Future meetings structure

It was agreed that, for the moment, the current frequency seemed satisfactory. This may need to alter, as circumstances dictate.

NB Signing off the newsletter copy will be a case in point.

Any other business


Next meeting

Shottlegate WI, Tuesday May 6th, 7.00pm. Parking is limited and so doubling up in cars was strongly recommended.