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Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Date; Thursday January 16th 2014

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; Martin Angold, Hugh Walford, Glen & Lesley Wall, Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton (Chairman), Judy Harris, Robert Walker, Martin Farrell, Margaret Heath, Michael Say.

Apologies Barbara Angold, Keith Walker.


The Minutes for December 5th were discussed. Martin Angold had asked that the italics passage referring to the Idridgehay document be removed, just in case it might give offence. Reference to ‘villagers’ potentially might also estrange those on the fringes i.e. in Blackbrook. ‘Residents’ will largely be used in future. Minutes then approved and signed by the Chairman.

Questionnaire analysis

Michael Say reported that the final tally was 53 responses (37.32%). It was agreed that these final three should be part of the full analysis.

A suggestion that, for simplicity, all percentages below 0.50% should be rounded down and up for the opposite was agreed.

Michael Say believed that the document was largely self explanatory and couldn’t add much more. He made the point that, as per the introduction, some interpretation had been necessary because of the open-ended nature of the questionnaire. He was quite happy for someone else to audit the findings. In so doing, he felt that some details might be a little different but not the principal findings.

The meeting did not believe that a second analysis exercise was necessary. The key finding was that the overwhelming attraction of living in Hazelwood was the countryside (75.51%). This statistic, together with the other complementary findings, could now legitimately support the ‘protecting the rural character’ premise which has been the main thrust from the onset.

February 20th presentation

Chairman believed that the evening needed to not only impart information but provide a welcoming atmosphere, conducive to receiving as much comment and audience response as possible. Specifics and responsibilities were agreed;

Start time - 7.30pm  (6.30pm rendezvous by the group to set -up)

Wine and cheese - the latter from Franjoy Dairy, Hazelwood Lesley Wall/Judy Harris 

Map and plans copying, specifics to be agreed Martin Farrell

Powerpoint presentation Martin Angold/ Kevin Eaton/ Michael Say

NB This will be circulated amongst the group for information, in due course.

Graphics boards - some on loan from Idridgehay, others made by Martin Angold

Graphics boards content to part of the overall design exercise for the presentation. Martin Angold/ Kevin Eaton/ Michael Say

Photography Glen/Lesley Wall

Prior publicity

Parish magazine - Feb issue Martin Angold

Belper News - to be invited to the evening/sent a news release Michael Say

Email to data base - same weekend as door-to-door distribution Kevin Eaton

(See below)

A4 leaflet, doubling as a poster, for door-to-door distribution Martin Angold/ Michael Say/ Kevin Eaton

Copying the A4 leaflet Martin Farrell

Despatch date for the two above items Sat Feb 8 &Sun Feb 9

All teams from the last exercise were on board.

NB Robert Walker’s Over Lane route will be covered in his absence.Les Brown needs to be appraised as he is not on-line

‘Road map’ and associated tasksPrior to the meeting, Chairman had emailed all group members requesting that they read the Idridgehay draft plan. Because of the similarities and being geographically close to Hazelwood, it provided an excellent format/matrix for the Hazelwood Plan, particularly as regards the tasks ahead.

Chairman had identified six key areas/tasks which would support the evidential sections of the document i.e. Hazelwood as it is at the moment.

1/ Landscape character - requiring a description of the varying aspects of the parish and including specifics which were already special and identified. In this connection, an Amber Valley plan had been obtained showing a number of special nature, landscape and monuments areas.

Action - Glen and Lesley Wall

2/ Settlement character - principally buildings, how these relate to the setting , details of materials etc.

Action - Mike Wood

3/ Age profile - this would connect to the various age groups and their differing needs. In turn, their would likely be a connection to the issue of housing for young families and the elderly, as reported in the questionnaire analysis. Martin Angold had sourced some details from the 2011 census.

Action - Bob Wrigley

4/ Young people - it was agreed that more information was needed from this group under the broad question ‘what do you want?’ . Facilities in the village were mainly confined to the children’s play area albeit with the playing field adjacent.Action - Carol and Nathan Wood.

5/ Community facilities - improvements in this area were mentioned often in the responses but not necessarily with any clarity. Much of this may fall outside the Neighbourhood Plan remit but it was felt it needed to be covered.

Action - Hugh Walford assisted by Robert Walker

6/ Planning history - this can be extracted from Parish Council records

Action - Martin Angold.

Chairman urged task groups to recruit where possible to mitigate the work involved. It was agreed that 6- 8 weeks would be allocated with groups periodically reporting progress.

The ‘road map’ or development plan would need to be progressed. Martin Angold had already done some work on this. Bob Wrigley urged simplicity. More work will be carried out by Martin, Michael Say and Chairman with a view to submission at an early Steering Group meeting.

Sustainability Appraisal

CPRE Neighbourhood Plan booklets for the group had been obtained by Michael Say from the East Midlands representative and were distributed as a helpful aid. Michael Say raised the section dealing with the above which is concerned with development and its possible effect on sustainability criteria. It was agreed that the intended level of any future developments in Hazelwood would be very small and highly unlikely to affect the current situation. The matter would be minuted, nevertheless, and raised with Amber Valley when a draft plan is ready, as per CPRE advice.

Next meeting

Sunday February 16th at 2.00pm, Memorial Hall

This will review final arrangements for the Feb 20th presentation. It will also allow feed-back on tasks progress. Chairman advised that he had to offer his apologies, in advance, for non-attendance.

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