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Hazelwood Neighbourhood  Plan Steering Group


Date; Thursday November 21  2013

Venue; Hazelwood Memorial Hall

  Present; Martin & Barbara Angold, Hugh Walford, Robert Walker, Glen & Lesley Wall, Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton,  Michael Say.

  Apologies Martin Farrell, Peter Barr, Judy Harris, David Railton

  Minutes. The Minutes for October 24th were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chairman

  Matters arising

Amber Valley application

Hazelwood Parish Council had held an extraordinary meeting on November 7th. The meeting acknowledged that the Parish Council is required to be the lead body. As such, the meeting unanimously approved the formal application to Amber Valley Borough Council. The meeting had also been advised that the Steering Group was now up and running. The Minute from the meeting was read out to the Steering Group and a copy will lie in the Minute Book

  Michael Say reported that Amie Taylor from Amber Valley had discussed publicising the application and this will appear in the Belper News and Derby Ev. Telegraph.


Newsletter distribution

The newsletter had been copied by Martin Farrell and copies were distributed for door-to-door delivery as follows;

Ashbourne Rd, Blackbrook                  17                    MW

Ashbourne Rd, Shottle                       11                    G/LW

The Drive, Shottlegate                        3                      G/LW

Firestone                                          7                      LB

Goodwin’s Lane                                 4                      LB

Hazelwood Hill                                 38                    HW/MA

Hob Hill                                           22                    G/LW

Lumb Lane, Blackbrook                       3                      G/LW

Lumb Lane, Hazelwood                       3                      G/LW

Nether Lane                                     20                    G/LW

Over Lane, Hazelwood                       13                    RW

Over Lane, Shottlegate                       1                      G/LW

Plains Lane, Blackbrook                      3                      MW

Spring Hollow                                    6                      LB

W‘th. Rd, Cowers Lane                       1                      G/LW                             Total                152

  It was agreed that the task should be completed over the coming weekend.

 Copies were also taken by Martin Angold for distribution to the village’s firms i.e. Hingley’s, Lubrizol. It will be important to keep them appraised of developments. Any other business

Martin Angold mentioned the future need for the group to be thinking of what information will need to be gathered to fulfil evidence based criteria e.g. the composition of the village’s housing stock, demographics, etc.  Mike Wood felt that a social event of some kind would be useful to further engage people.

Next Meetings

Thursday December 5th, 7.00pm at Martin and Barbara Angold’s House (Milton, Hazelwood Hill) to read and analyse responses.   

Thursday January 16th, 7.00pm, venue to be advised..

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