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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 28th November 2013 commencing at 7.30p.m.


  Present:          Chairman:     Councillor M Angold

  Councillors:      Councillors J Harris, L Brown and H Walford


Also present:  Clerk:          Mrs S E Smith


Members of the Public:        Cllr David Taylor (AVBC)


Apologies given:               Apologies were given from Cllr K Walker


43/13/14    Variation of Order of Business

        It was deemed unnecessary to alter the Order of Business


44/13/14    Declaration of Members Interests

                    There was nothing to declare


45/13/14    Public Speaking

  Councillor Taylor attended the meeting. He informed the Council that the new Core Strategy was proceeding nicely and that he was pleased with the plans for rural areas. It is due to go before the borough council in May. The Chairman had viewed the Core Strategy online and due to its content, found it difficult to follow. Councillor Taylor advised that is was available for reading in local libraries. There is a need to understand the structure but it is mainly urban based, only a little for the rural areas. The nearest large housing development is in the Denby area.

The west section of the   Amber  Valley  area is minimal, basically in-fill and minor developments, barn conversions etc.

He also advised Council that he had resigned as a Parish Councillor in Idridgehay as there was too much controversy and conflict of interests whilst maintaining both positions on Parish and Borough Council.

  Amber  Valley  has decided to withdraw the mobile library in rural areas of Derbyshire and would like rural councils to write to support to keep the service


    46/13/14    Minutes of the last Meeting

  Minutes of the council meeting held on the 26th September 2013, copies of which had been passed to the councillors prior to this meeting, were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only.

Cllr Harris wished to bring to notice the item from the last meeting regarding the “Roughs” area and the speculation of the developments on the property.  An enforcement notice had been completed to   Amber  Valley  planning but at present there has been no further information received in return. The enforcement officer had paid a visit to the site but was unable to ascertain the exact location.

Clerk to email again and clarify the position.


47/13/14    Items for Exclusion

     Nothing was deemed necessary for exclusion.


48/13/14    Chairman’s Announcements   

The Chairman had previously suggested that the entrance to the car park be widened as damage had been caused by the Council waste lorries reversing.   Amber  Valley  had agreed to repair but not widen, Clerk to contact Alan Camp to obtain a quote for improvement to lower kerb stones, widen and make good. Then decide whether to apply for planning. A fee of £80 is applicable for planning consent.

The Clerk is to chase   Amber  Valley  in regards to litter notices for the lay by at the top of   Hazelwood Road  . Peter Makin is the new councillor of “lean and green” in the area. The Clerk also to contact   Amber  Valley  planning to ascertain sizes for a new notice board that would not need planning consent to change.

From the last meeting it had been agreed that a new fire extinguisher be fitted, this has not as yet been received, Clerk to follow up.


49/13/14    Derbyshire Association of Local Councils   

  All circulars having been previously circulated were received


50/13/14    Financial Matters

  (a)           Present Balances

               Business Reserve                                                           £0.02

Memorial Hall                                                          £3985.20

Parish Council                                                          £2075.66

    (b)           No cheques had been signed since the last meeting



51/13/14    Memorial Hall and Lettings

   Nothing further to discuss.


52/13/14    Planning and Licensing Matters

        There were no new plans since the last meeting.

        Planning decisions made are:

AVA/2013/0817 Replacement cowshed at Broads Farm, Firestone, Hazelwood – Permitted AVA/2013/0727 Lowering of 7 kerbstones at Lumb View,   50 Ashbourne Road  , Shottlegate - Permitted


53/13/14    Neighbourhood Planning

  A monthly meeting had been held. Questionnaires had been sent out to all residents within the parish and were awaiting collection. The next meeting is Thursday 5th December.


54/13/14 Register of Members Interests Forms

  Amber  Valley  have requested that all councils keep the Register of Members Interests up to date as and when any changes occur, as a matter of high importance.


PART II – CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION       Staff Salaries for Payment



  56/13/14    Date and Time of the next meeting

  The next meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.30pm on 23rd January 2014  

  The meeting was closed at 8.40pm


  Signed______________________________ Chairman ___________________Date