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Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 23rd July 2015 commencing at 7.30p.m.

Present: Chairman:  Councillor K Walker

Councillors: Councillors M Angold, J Harris, G Wall and R Heath

Also present: Clerk:   Mrs S E Smith

       Councillor D Taylor (AVBC & DCC)


17/15/16 Apologies given: No apologies given.

18/15/16 Variation of Order of Business

  No variation to Order of Business was deemed necessary.

19/15/16 Declaration of Members Interests

20/15/16 Public Speaking

 Councillor Taylor attended the meeting and he advised Council that he was now a Cabinet member for Housing and Public Health and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Board.

 400 houses on the Kedleston Road development has now been refused along with the planned 150 houses on Bullsmoor, Belper has also been refused and both have now been removed from the Core Strategy.

It is expected that 307 houses along with a retirement village will be built on a brown field site at the American Adventure in Shipley.

Rose Lane, Crich went to appeal and was overturned and 130 houses are likely to be built.

The Core Strategy is in the process of being revised with a six week consultation then will go back to the Inspector to be re-opened and continued.

The Idridgehay neighbourhood plan is up for referendum at the next cabinet meeting on 2nd   September.

A request was made for funding to Cllr Taylor with the view to have the guttering replaced at the memorial hall. Cllr Taylor responded that this was a viable request and a formal request would be made.


21/15/16 Minutes of the last Meeting

 Minutes of the council meeting held on the 21st May 2015, copies of which had been passed to the councillors prior to this meeting, were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only.  Any items for discussion will be brought up as the meeting agenda progresses.

22/15/16 Items for Exclusion

 Nothing was deemed necessary for exclusion.

23/15/16 Chairman’s Announcements

The Chairman wished many congratulations to the organisers of the annual Hazelwood fete. It was a resounding success and a fair amount raised. Thanks to Mike Bowler for the use of his marquee.

The Council are in need a Vice Chairman. Councillor Heath proposed Councillor Harris as the best candidate, seconded by Councillor Wall and elected unanimously.

24/15/16 Derbyshire Association of Local Councils

All circulars having been previously circulated were received.

The major item of conversation from DALC at present is the Code of Transparency for all small Parish Councils. All information has to be provided through the website and this will remove the need for an external audit.

25/15/16 Financial Matters

(a) Present Balances

 Memorial Hall                     £6742.12

Parish Council                £7639.50

(b) Payments made since the last meeting:

J A Harris – faster payment - £31.92

Altocard x 2 – faster payment £400.00

K Walker – faster payment - £149.26

NW Mastercard – faster payment - £312.16

Planning with people x 2 – faster payment - £2000.00

Belper road safety – 300006(hpc) - £10.00

S Hurst – 300004 (mem hall) - £20.00

(c) Payments of the following accounts were approved and signed on the Parish Council.

Councillor Angold requested the clarification of certain items on the account statements for the publishing of the information to the website.


26//15/16 Memorial Hall and Lettings

Councillor Harris has taken over the running of the hall lettings. Cllrs Heath, Wall and Walker will rotate the hall entry.

27/15/16 Planning and Licensing Matters

Planning applications since the last meeting are:

AVA/2015/0390 Build new detached two storey four bedroom house with detached garage (Alteration to approved application AVA/2013/1113). For Mr C Morley = PERMITTED

AVA/2015/0587 Extension to overspill car park with permeable concrete     block paving. – for Lubrizol GB Ltd

AVA/2014/0435 Temporary 2 storey Portakabin to be used for offices – for Lubrizol GB Ltd

AVA/2015/0363 Prior approval of proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house for Mr M Kidd, Bulls Farm, Lumb Lane, Blackbrook – PERMITTED

Cllrs Walker and Wall surveyed the site and there were no concerns as anything built on the site would be an improvement and the increased traffic would be minimal.

AVA/2014/0965 Planning Appeal – Land south of Hazelwood Hill – for Mr R Heath



It was agreed as in a prior meeting to discuss plans AVA/2014/0965 that the response from the Parish Council would be the same.

The planning outline is not in keeping with the village design statement that the Parish Council is hoping to submit in the neighbourhood plan.

In assessing the over all situation, the Parish Council has made the decision that the plans are not in keeping with vision for the Parish and it would be more appropriate for the appeal to be refused.

28/15/16 Neighbourhood Planning

 The neighbourhood planning group displayed all information at the village fete on 18th July 2015. A lot of interest was shown and it was deemed successful, Email addresses were taken for more information to be sent to parishioners.

The latest newsletter giving all the up to date information regarding the draft objectives and policies has been distributed in good time to give feedback and comments.

A Draft document review meeting to update the latest amendments and pictures will then go to the consultant and by the end of August to start the consultative period.


30/15/16 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.30pm on 23rd

September 2015

The meeting was closed at 9.05p.m.

Signed______________________________ Chairman ___________________Date