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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 23rd September 2015 commencing at 7.30p.m.

Present: Chairman:  Councillor K Walker

Councillors: Councillors M Angold, J Harris, G Wall and R Heath

31/15/16 Apologies given: Clerk, Mrs S Smith

32/15/16 Variation of Order of Business

  No variation to Order of Business was deemed necessary.

33/15/16 Declaration of Members Interests


34/15/16 Public Speaking

No members of the public were present. Cllr Angold advised that this was also an opportunity for Parish Councillors to speak.

Councillor Angold advised his resignation from the Parish Council since he planned to leave the village on October 26th. He reflected on 12 years service on the PC with the last five years as Chairman. He regretted leaving before the Neighbourhood Plan was launched, and also that a solution has not yet been forthcoming for the storage issues in the hall. It had otherwise been a fulfilling period in office.

Councillor Walker felt that Cllr Angold had much to be satisfied about. The success in seeking Grant funding for the many improvements made in and around the Hall, the setting up of the Parish website, and the general upgrade in the working standards used by the Parish Council were all credit to Cllr Angold (supported by Mrs Angold). His contribution has been very significant and he would be missed, but of course will always be welcome in Hazelwood. A get together will be organised for interested parties to offer an informal farewell in due course.

Clerk: It will be necessary to advise AVBC- to obtain advice on how to proceed with inviting interested parties to apply for the vacant post.

In discussion-the Chairman suggested that someone with experience in the Neighbourhood Plan structure be considered to join the Parish Council. There is a need to have a group attached to the Parish Council to monitor performance in managing the Plan

Agenda point for the next meeting


35/15/16 Minutes of the last Meeting

 Minutes of the council meeting held on the 23rd July 2015, copies of which had been passed to the councillors prior to this meeting, were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only.  Any items for discussion will be brought up as the meeting agenda progresses.

36/15/16 Items for Exclusion

 Nothing was deemed necessary for exclusion.

37/15/16 Chairman’s Announcements

There is a blocked footpath and a derelict stile opposite Garden House on Hob Hill. Cllr Wall to Update on work needed and Highways to be notified.

Cllr Taylor informed Council in the July meeting of an offer for grant funding, a letter will be written to this effect to request support for the replacement of the hall guttering. An estimate will be obtained.

New notice board: awaiting issue of License from Highways – then will need to apply for planning. Cllr Heath will manage the installation of the board.

Wildflower planting: We were too late to get the Grant Funding committee DWT for any activity this year. We will seek an early meet with DWT to plan for next year, preferably a lunchtime arrangement to suit attendance by Parish Council members.

The Parish has been gifted 50 excellent stacking chairs by Lubrizol. The Chairman, Keith Walker, has written to record our thanks.

A suggestion to break the Hazelwood Parish Council into a split with the Neighbourhood Planning so that a quick sense of NP spending is available to Councillors.

38/15/16 Derbyshire Association of Local Councils

All circulars having been previously circulated were received.

Agreed to write to DALC expressing the Parish satisfaction with their communications and services – Clerk to add any views.

39/15/16 Financial Matters

(a) Present Balances

 Memorial Hall                     £5742.97

Parish Council                £6217.05

 (b) Payments made since the last meeting:

FP Grant Thornton -               £168.00

FP Planning with People -            £1625.00

FP PST Joinery -               £480.00

FP STWL -                £313.48

DD British Gas -               £222.00

 (c) Payments of the following accounts were approved and signed on the Parish Council.

M Say……………….300053……………………..£502.22

(d) Bank Account: Cllrs Heath and Wall need to be added as signatories with the removal of Cllrs Walford and Angold. There will also be a need to add the new councillor on appointment. Clerk to diarise.

40/15/16 Memorial Hall and Lettings

  Nothing to discuss

41/15/16 Planning and Licensing Matters

Planning applications since the last meeting are:

AVA/2015/0713 Application for a single storey rear extension to form boiler room with roof terrace over – for Dr Darren Bywater at Watergates, 16 Ashbourne Road, Blackbrook. PERMITTED

42/15/16 Neighbourhood Planning

Cllr Martin Angold outlined the upcoming consultation phase (6 weeks). There will be a mail shot / email / post information in 9 public locations / offer 4 drop-in sessions at the Memorial Hall to ensure Parishioners and “Fringe Interests” will have a least a précis of the Draft Plan, AND the opportunity to be guided through the Full Plan if they should wish.

There was a general discussion regarding the issue of the MRH survey. The Chairman stressed that the use of the word “Needs” in the original document was creating a sense of priority and urgency which was not appropriate for a survey which (in common with other surveys) serves to support the Neighbourhood Plan and not to drive it. The Council’s position has been clarified on the website.

44/15/16 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.30pm on 26th  

November 2015

The meeting was closed at 9.05p.m.

Signed______________________________ Chairman ___________________Date