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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 30th August 2016

commencing at 7.00p.m.

Present: Chairman:  Councillor K Walker

Councillors: Councillors, R Heath, G Wall,

Apologies: Councillor  J Harris, M Thwaites

Member of the public: None


2016/17-41 Variation of Order of Business

No variation to Order of Business was deemed necessary.

2016/17-42 Declaration of Members Interests


2016/17-43 Items for exclusion

  No part of the agenda requires the public to be excluded

2016/17-44 Minutes of the last Meeting

 The minutes of the council meeting held on the 28th July 2016, were not available for signature and will be signed at the next meeting

2016/17-45 Public Speaking


2016/17-46 Items for Exclusion


2016/17-47 Planning AVA/2016/0868 – Kalamunda Hob Hill

 Owing to AVBC’s failure to advise near neighbours of the new Application , there is now a further 3 weeks for comments. The Parish Council had not seen reason to object to the original Outline Application ( AVA/2016/0091 ) as there was insufficient detail for any reasonable appreciation of siting , design , appearance and scale of the development.

It had however committed to a design sympathetic to the design of it’s near neighbour – Garden House – in terms of materials , scale and massing . The present plan involves 3 sides rendered in white – which deviates totally from the commitment.

Additionally the new application sites the proposed house at the roadside , the local settlement pattern is characterised by dwellings set back from the roadway.

Whilst not unique , the development has also been based on the opportunistic conversion of agricultural land to garden through maintenance and the “ creation “ of lawn – this principle is considered unsatisfactory.

The original Application had committed some adherence to the principles of the (emerging) Neighbourhood Plan. This new Application has not even provided a Visual Impact Statement – which is critical to the Parish of Hazelwood given it’s rural character and outstanding views, and is a fundamental criterion of the Neighbourhood Plan even in it’s present form.

The PC felt that their concerns with the present Application should be expressed as such rather than as a fundamental objection to a new property at the site – Cllr Walker offered to draft a letter of reponse embodying the issues set out above. This was agreed unanimously.

2016/17-48 Financial matters

Cheques payable to 360 Design ( £300 ) and M.Say ( 43.26 ) in respect of the Neighbourhood Plan publicity material were signed, having previously been authorised in Council.

 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next regular will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.00pm on 22nd September 2016.

The meeting was closed at     8.35pm

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