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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 28th July 2016 commencing at 7.00p.m.

Present: Chairman:  Councillor K Walker

Councillors: Councillors, R Heath, G Wall,

Apologies: Councillor  J Harris, M Thwaites

Member of the public: Mrs M Heath, Cllr Taylor


2016/17-28 Variation of Order of Business

No variation to Order of Business was deemed necessary.

2016/17-29 Declaration of Members Interests


2016/17-30 Items for exclusion

  No part of the agenda requires the public to be excluded

2016/17-31 Minutes of the last Meeting

 The minutes of the council meeting held on the 7th June 2016, copies of which had been passed to the councillors at this meeting, were read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only.

2016/17-32 Announcements from the Chair

 Chairman’s announcements as previously sent. Note we should invite Alan Butler ( external auditor ) to the next PCM. Date of the next Lubrizol Public Meet is now Sept 1st.

2016/17-33 Public Speaking

Cllr Taylor noted that the Green household bin is under cost pressure – would be relieved if more people took up the service , and also that the AVBC Council offices in Belper are also under cost pressure , with a possible move to centralise services in Ripley. Many people use the Belper office for payment of Council Tax , closure could make this a more difficult situation. Cllr. Taylor requested the PC to lobby Ripley to withdraw the threat of closure.

2016/17-34 Items for Exclusion


2016/17-35 DALC circulars

All circulars have been sent to councillors

2016/17-36 Finance issues

Various cheques were presented & signed. The Chairman noted that the Alto Card service offered by Unity Bank was to be withdrawn – we need a card to avoid Cllrs’ personal expenses – The Chairman agreed to look at credit / debit card options with Unity Bank.  

It was agreed unanimously that the Cleaner’s cost would be charged to the HMH Account for 2016 FY.

2016/17-37 Planning

AVA 2016/0580 – agreed to support , but note concern regarding felling of mature trees in the area.

AVA 2016/1072 , 1074 – Cllrs had no concerns in principle , but were bothered that  a Change of Use from Agricultural to Garden Land seemed to be so straightforward ( in common with the Kalamunda Application ) KW abstained ( wishing to review the Application against the Neighbourhood Plan.)

2016/17-38 Neighbourhood Plan audit function

Post the referendum the Parish Council will be required to set up an Audit function , to oversee the Parish Council’s performance in applying the NP to Planning Applications.  In discussion there was a general feeling that the Audit should be done by members of the NP Steering Group , given their experience , although KW noted that it did not need to be exclusively from the Steering Group.

Cllrs were requested to consider who they considered to be candidates and to bring names to the next meeting.  There was discussion whether we should canvass candidates prior to asking them to take part – KW felt we should agree names and then ask.

Cllr. Heath wanted clarification / confirmation that we can legally co-opt people onto the Council – Cllr. Taylor suggested we write to Chris Potter (AVBC Legal Services ) for his view.

2016/17-39 Parish Clerk/Lettings officer

The expression of interest received at the last meeting had not developed. The Chairman had contacted Glen Ingham of DALC to understand how we might interest someone in taking duties with us as well as with other Parish Councils – a combined role perhaps being financially attractive. The required info will be given to DALC by the Chairman.

David Taylor suggested a possible candidate & agreed to forward her details to the Chairman.

2016/17-40 Hazelwood Memorial Hall

Cllr. Harris reported strong bookings, but felt we should accelerate any refurbishment items. Discussion showed that Cllrs felt we should prioritise the replacement of the front double doors , and the door into the lobby area , with modern systems including up to date security.  The Chairman agreed to get quotes from BS Windows (who supplied the green kitchen door.)  Cllr Harris advised she had a reliable source for a quote for the external gutters & fascias.

The floor covering in the Hall is also in need of urgent replacement.

The Chairman advised that he was trying to get rid of the old plastic stacking chairs

2016/17-40 Lubrizol

The meeting between the Company and the Parish Council was well received. Cllr. Heath felt that there was a feeling of respect  again , and the “ South “ proposal was felt to be imaginative and was (subject to Planning permission) being pursued seriously by Lubrizol , who stated in the meeting that they would not maintain an interest in the Hillside Farm development if the South proposal were approved by AVBC.  Further development south & west of the main campus could fulfil the Company’s needs for further expansion for some years to come.

 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next regular will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.00pm on 22nd September 2016.

The meeting was closed at     8.30pm

Signed                                                           Chairman              22/9/16    Date