Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan Group

Inaugural meeting on Thursday Sept 12 , 2013 at Hazelwood Memorial Hall at 7:30


Martin Angold, Keith Walker, Judy Harris, Les Brown, Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton, Glen Wall, Peter Barr, Lesley Wall, Michael Say, Richard Heath, Barbara Angold

The meeting was arranged by the Parish Council in order to form a Neighbourhood Plan Group and to elect a Steering Group to manage the process.

1. The following agreed to form the SG:

Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton, Glen Wall, Peter Barr and Michael Say with the Parish Councillors. An interest has been noted from some unable to make the meeting and Martin Farrell has offered to join. It was agreed to defer the election of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer until the next meeting.

2. The name of the group will be the Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan Group.

More people will be co-opted as required and Working Groups will be formed to assist with the collection of data.

3. A draft Constitution was discussed and agreed subject to some possible amendments prior to the First submission to AVBC.

4. It was agreed to start the Evidence Base collection of data with one Working Group and to form others at a later date. This will be set up with objectives at the next meeting.

5. Date of next meeting October 17. Memorial Hall at 7:30

Martin Angold