Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday August 13th 2015

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood,

Present; Martin Angold, Keith Walker, Kay Reid, Michael Say, Judy Harris, Irene and Bob Wrigley, Glen and Lesley Wall, Kevin Eaton (Chairman),


July 2nd Minutes were agreed and signed.

Matters arising


Church Fete

The recent attendance at the fete by the Plan group was discussed. All those who were there agreed that it had been very worthwhile with a heartening number of visitors to the stand. The fete itself seemed to have been well supported and Glen Wall said that the organisation was very good.

Visitors’ enquiries had included specific planning issues, the progress of the Plan, introductions by newcomers to the Parish, update on the Hazelwood halt on the Duffield – Wirksworth line. All in all, everyone had been kept busy. Chairman said that he had not detected any outright negativity to the aims of the Plan, which was encouraging.

Architect, Stephen Heathcote had put forward the point that although the Plan policies included encouragement to renovate barns for business use, no such encouragement appeared to be included for domestic purposes. The meeting agreed that this was a useful observation and would be addressed.

Keith Walker confirmed that new email addresses gathered had been provided to Martin Angold for his master list. He also confirmed that he had written to Mike Bowler to thank him for his considerable help in setting up the fete.

V6 draft Plan

Chairman asked for comments. The draft document, although still requiring some work, was substantially ready to be put to the Parish for consultation.

Bob Wrigley thought the Plan was strong but did note some repetitiveness. He also said that it was important that it would be clearly shown as a draft and not be confused with the later final version.

Martin Angold felt that, because of the way it had been written i.e. by Helen Metcalfe but with contributions from the group, it flowed less well, as a result.

Michael Say agreed but believed that much of the problem was cosmetic and could be much improved with judicious editing. Details such as listing all the policies on the contents page; giving the justification for each policy before the policy; including section numbers and headings – were all contributing to an unnecessarily cluttered approach.

The matter of duplication particularly referred to the five settlements which are shown three times under different headings.

Specific points were made;

*Martin Angold said that on Page 12 of Hazelwood Today, the last two paras would be put to the end of the section.

*Glen Wall’s Project 3 involvement in Appendix E will extend to providing some examples of ‘habitat improvements’ to flesh out the wording.

*Pictures of Blackbrook are not included and this omission needs to be repaired.

 *The Idridgehay document was shown and its Forward. Overall, Michael Say felt their typographical approach was no better than the Hazelwood version but there were some pointers which could be used. The Forward wording was particularly clear, direct and strong.

In conclusion, Chairman asked, notwithstanding final modifications, whether the Plan effectively addressed the aspiration expressed in the vision statement. It was agreed by all that it did.

Progressing the Plan

Chairman confirmed that the working party would be meeting Helen Metcalfe to review matters next Tuesday August 18th. The agenda would cover content, treatment and the modus operandi of the consultation with residents. He said that, perhaps, this may require another Open Evening among a range of tactics. Michael Say believed that it would be very useful to ask the Idridgehay group what they did when they reached the same stage last year. Their Forward, interestingly, made no mention of finding the draft document on their web site, which one might think was a key communications tool.

Any other business

Michael Say reported that he had sent a copy of the Housing Need Assessment survey to Mr Nigel Straw, at his request.

Next meeting

Thursday September 10th, Memorial Hall, 7.00pm. This will deal primarily with the consultation process.