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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday January 14th 2015.

Venue; Memorial Hall.

Present; Martin Angold (later), Robert Walker,  Mike Wood, Keith Walker, Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Margaret Heath, Richard Heath, Bob Wrigley, Michael Say,  Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Guests (later) Gareth and Toni Maw.

Apologies; David Railton, Irene Wrigley, Glen and Lesley Wall, Barbara Angold.


The Minutes for November 13th were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising


Open Evening Nov 27th 2014

This was reviewed. Chairman felt slightly disappointed at the turnout even though the hall seemed reasonably full. The general opinion was that it had gone well, nevertheless, and comments received from audience members confirmed this.

Judy Harris raised the question of payment for the cheese. It was agreed this should be done asap.

Housing Needs Assessment

Alison Clamp of Midlands Rural Housing had been contacted by Michael Say on the progress of the analysis. As of the meeting date, the response rate had climbed to 72.5% - ‘amazing’ to quote her and around twice the expected figure, based on past exercises.

Completion of the analysis was expected at the end of January, as previously agreed.

An interchange of email comments between neighbour, Nigel Straw and Martin Angold had been circulated, with Mr Straw’s agreement, for interest.  These had raised certain questions and the need for caution in assessing the results.  Chairman felt that it was good that a resident was this well engaged with the process.

As regards the distribution of the analysis, once received, it was agreed that;

1/ The findings will be immediately circulated to Steering Group members.

2/ The findings will be the major topic, at the Feb 12th meeting.

3/ Alison Clamp and/or colleague Miles King to attend, ideally.

4/ Findings will form the basis for a likely Open Evening in April.

Helen Metcalfe paper and its progression.

This had been circulated only recently to colleagues but the November 13th Minutes were relevant as regards initial reactions of those who had seen the document at that time.. In addition, Mike Wood’s paper, similarly drafting objectives and outline policies, had been re-circulated for comparison.

Brief discussion concerning the two approaches ensued. Chairman and Michael Say both felt that Helen Metcalfe’s approach was too ’positive’  and seemed to be over-ready to grant approval to planning applications.  Whilst many of her comments were still useful, the document seemed overly complex, particularly with objectives fragmented into multiple outcomes. Mike Wood’s document, by comparison, seemed tighter and more focused, even allowing for Helen Metcalfe’s original comments. Mike felt that, in some ways, her version had gone slightly backwards in its approach.

It was agreed that the findings of the Housing Needs Assessment were crucial in further addressing the forward direction of drafting objectives and policies.  As soon as the analysis is to hand, absorbed and understood, an early meeting will be organised with Helen to agree the next step.

The year ahead.

Chairman’s feeling was that progress would mean a likely full 12 month’s of activity.  At least with the Housing Needs Assessment carried out so promptly, it meant that a key evidential base was to hand.

Mike Wood drew the meeting’s attention to the East Midlands Housing Association (of which Midlands Rural Housing is a part) web site. It showed particularly useful information about social housing routes, as regards cross subsidy funding.  Dependent upon the information from the Housing Needs Assessment, this could be useful.

Any other business


Martin Angold provided the Secretary with a full listing of expenditure to date which will be on file with the Minutes. He also confirmed that funding had been obtained to ensure the services of Helen Metcalfe through the writing stage of the Plan.

Church magazine - February

Michael Say had quickly written copy for this issue, during the meeting, concentrating on the 72.5% response figure and the future meeting dates.  This was read out, agreed and will be supplied to Martin Angold for sending to the magazine.

First newsletter

Recently despatched, this was briefly discussed and agreed as being useful in keeping the email data base informed. The numbers of households covered (around 40, albeit with multiple email addresses at some) in comparison with the church magazine distribution figure was questioned. The latter figure is unknown and Keith Walker offered to determine this.  

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s)

Martin Angold circulated a map showing current TPO’s. These were largely situated on Hazelwood Hill and the actual number of trees had declined over the years through age, disease or agreed felling.

The point was made that part of the Plan ought to include provision for extending TPO’s, as included in Mike Wood’s draft objectives document. The problem was how this would be implemented and thereafter, maintained. It was agreed that it would seemingly be a Parish Council initiative, once adopted as part of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Keith Walker offered to raise this as a topic at an early Parish Council meeting. As regards mapping future tree sites within the Parish, Glen Wall had expressed interest in being involved in this.

Next Meeting and future dates

Thursday February 12th,  7.00pm The Church,

Thursday March 12th  7.00pm Bowls Club Pavilion

Thursday April 9th  7.00pm  Memorial Hall

Thursday May 14th  7.00pm Memorial Hall

Thursday June 11th  7.00pm Memorial Hall


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