Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday July 2nd 2015

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood,

Present; Martin Angold (Acting Chairman), Keith Walker, Kay Reid, Martin Farrell, Michael Say.

Apologies; Judy Harris, Irene and Bob Wrigley, Robert Walker, Glen and Lesley Wall, Kevin Eaton,


June 11th Minutes were agreed and signed.

Matters arising


Newsletter Issue 2.

165 had been produced for the intended distribution, based on numbers from the previous two exercises plus spares.  Martin Angold’s much appreciated computer skills were key to this.  Martin Farrell was also thanked for, once again, providing his printing services.  

Quantities, per distribution, were handed out. Martin Angold will query Les Brown doing Goodwin’s Lane and Firestone, as before. Michael Say will deliver to Glen Wall and Robert Walker. Each will be asked whether they had previously fulfilled the three properties at the far end of Lumb Lane. Keith Walker offered to do this as part of his Blackbrook ‘round’

It was felt that the fete might require a few more spare copies and Martin Farrell offered to oblige.

 Additionally, Martin Angold said it was important to include a number of people who, whilst not Parish residents, held land within its boundaries. It was a requirement of the Plan process to keep such owners informed. Many but not all, had attended previous Plan gatherings/meetings. These were;

David and Mary Shaw, Eric Allen, Messrs Ottewell, Froggatt, Broderick, Mauro, Sutton and Elizabeth Turvey.

The two major businesses, Hingley’s and Lubrizol, must also be included.

It was agreed that Michael Say will draft a brief covering note to accompany the newsletter to each. The note to Eric Allen will be separate.

Turning to content, Michael Say suggested that all Steering Group member ought to re-read the objectives and policies. These had all been expanded by Helen Metcalfe and it was important to be familiar with them where points may be raised by parishioners at the fete.

July18th Fete.

The ‘tent’ question and positioning on the field had been largely settled. Kevin Eaton and Mike Bowler have repaired one and Martin Angold had sourced another. Positioning will be alongside the left-hand side the field (looking West). Two tables and 6 chairs will be aimed for, subject to space.

Material will include;

* 2 x blow-ups of the Vision Statement, Objectives and Policies, as per the newsletter – courtesy of Martin Farrell.

* Post-it notes facility.

* Existing graphics boards

*PVC banner

Personnel on the day, at varying times, will be Michael Say, Martin Angold, Kevin Eaton, Kay Reid, doubtless plus others.


10.00am on the day

Any other business

Michael Say referred the meeting to a recent Sunday Times article about Neighbourhood Plans. It showed that, so far, 67 communities have produced Plans. Everyone had been agreed with an average ‘Yes’ vote of 88%.

Next meeting

Thursday August 13th, 7.00pm, Memorial Hall.