Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday July 7, 2016.

Venue; Memorial Hall.

Present; Richard Heath, Margaret Heath, Kevin Eaton, (Chairman), Mike Wood, Michael Say, Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Glen Wall.

Apologies; Lesley Wall, Bob and Irene Wrigley, Keith Walker.


The May 12th Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.


Inspection process and update.

Michael Say advised that this had been completed. Following despatch by AVBC of the document to Keith Walker, as Chairman of the Parish Council and distribution to members, it had also been sent to the Steering Group working party. This initial distribution was to feed back any factual errors to Rachael Coates at AVBC. There were none.

At this stage, the document has been regarded as confidential, hence no further distribution.

(See later question to be asked of Rachael Coates) Leaving aside content, Rachael Coates had been asked by Michael Say about various matters concerning process. These were recounted to the meeting.

Q/ Are the comments and ‘recommendations’ of the Inspector able to be challenged/discussed?

A/ In reality, ‘No’. Since his comments are aimed at aligning the Plan with legislative guidelines, AVBC would not approve the Plan if any of his mods were not carried through.

Q/ Have AVBC ever had a situation where they disagreed with a point (or points)?

A/ No.

Q/ Whose responsibility is it to physically alter the Word document to produce the final, post-Inspection document?

A/ AVBC – namely Rachael.

Q/ What obligation is there – and on whom – to advise the residents of the mods that have been carried out?

A/ It is AVBC’s responsibility but it will be at the level as per their recent consultation i.e. fairly minimal. She said that group’s tend to want to do this more fully themselves, in addition. It meant that the intended, final door-to-door mailer would want to cover this as well as advertising the final Open Evening and underlining the referendum date, which AVBC will be publicising to each household, in the usual way.

Q/ What’s the next step towards a referendum date?

A/ Part of the reason for a swift feed-back on facts is to allow the necessary 6 weeks period to prepare documents for the September AVBC cabinet meeting, at which the Plan will be recommended for acceptance.

Q/ Will a suggested date for the referendum be part of that meeting?

A/ Rachael wasn’t sure. It may be dealt with immediately afterwards by a different part of AVBC.

Q/ Are we still looking at Autumn?

A/ It looks like it.

As a result of the above, actions will be;

1/ Michael Say to send to Rachael Coates the full Word files for both the Plan and the Village design statement.

2/Question of confidentiality to be asked and whether this now prevails for the Inspection report, given the July 7th response date has now passed.

3/ Rachael to be asked when the Parish Council will be sent the final, revised Plan document. Will this be after the AVBV Cabinet meeting in September – and the hoped for approval - or as soon as she completes the mods?

3/ Rachael to be asked whether the AVBC publicity following the Inspection will, again, include posters. These were especially useful in spreading the word.

4/ Chairman to arrange a meeting of the working party to look in-depth at the Inspection report to be fully au fait with the comments, as they relate to the policies.

5/ Parish Council to confirm the future role of the Steering Group, given that on April 29th, its task in producing the Plan to submission stage had been completed. Kevin Eaton did not want ‘toes to be trodden on’ as regards any future actions. Continuing communications were important to ensure that there was no vacuum between now and the referendum. This was a role well suited to the group together with ongoing liaison. This will be taken up by the Council asap.

Pending questions are;

a/ Should the Inspection report be distributed to the rest of the Steering Group? The recommendation is it should.

b/ Should the Inspection report be more widely distributed to the supporters’ list? AVBC’s response on confidentiality will affect this but even if they are agreeable, the question still remains at Parish level.

Saturday July 16 Village Fete.

The Plan group will again be represented. Graphics showing the time-line and activity had been prepared and were shown in proof form. These will serve as a backdrop at the fete and the intended final Open Evening, just prior to the referendum. The graphics were liked and final details will be decided between Kevin Eaton and Michael Say shortly.

Display boards are available at the Memorial Hall. Mike Wood can also loan an easel.

A gazebo will be loaned by Kay Read. Rendezvous on the field at 10.00am Saturday 16th.

The main set-up will be Friday July 15th at 10.00am but Robert Walker’s larger tent will be set-up on the Saturday.