Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday March 10, 2016.

Venue; St. John’s Church.

Present; Margaret Heath, Richard Heath, Kevin Eaton, (Chairman),

Mike Wood, Michael Say, Glen Wall, Lesley Wall, Judy Harris, Bob and Irene Wrigley,

Keith Walker, Kay Reid, Robert Walker.

Apologies; None.


These were received, approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

Michael Say confirmed that all the modifications noted had been incorporated into the

next edition of the Plan, SubV4. There were two exceptions – one noted on the agenda re; business names and a photographic point raised by Glen Wall, for discussion.

Neighbourhood Plan submission version SubV4.

It was explained that, because of the business names point and a final read-through remained, the final SubV4 had not been circulated. Michael Say circulated key, selected pages to the meeting to show important modifications;

a/ Contents pages 2/3

These had previously - and unwittingly – not shown any reference to the actual policies; an omission which was repaired. This was agreed.

b/ Pages 56-59 View corridors and respective pictures now showed the revisions to shots 2,3 and 8 – as per the agreement in the Feb 17th Minutes. The final treatment was agreed.

N.B. Lesley Wall was especially thanked for her prompt photography and the excellent results.

c/   Appendix A Housing Character Survey/the wider context shows two pictures not indigenous to Hazelwood, according to Glen Wall. The difficulty of changing these, at this stage, was accepted.

d/ Pages 19, 21 and 48 showed the current inclusion of businesses names, extending to the two largest companies in the Parish, Lubrizol and Hingley’s. These were shown as an introduction to the discussion on this point.

There were differing views on whether the document should not include any firm by name or a minimal inclusion i.e. once only. The former was the view recommended by the NPIERS Health check. The meeting was quoted the context which was particularly concerned with not including value judgments. It was confirmed that any such wording had already been removed but a reference in para 59 to vehicle movements to and from Lubrizol will also be removed.

The meeting was reminded that previous discussions had felt that these two firms were a significant presence in the Parish; a fact of life and of a size and nature, potentially, having the most impact. As such, it seemed appropriate for each to be mentioned.

Lubrizol’s chemical production business, in particular, was entirely non-rural and would be highly unlikely, today, to be granted planning permission for their type of operation in the Parish.

After further discussion, Chairman put it to a vote. A small majority was in favour of including the two firms by name, but once only. Thereafter, the firms will be described.

N.B. Keith Walker, Chairman of the Parish Council, wished his objection to the decision to be minuted.

e/ Robert Walker had sent through draft substitute copy for para 72 on P22 describing the Over Lane settlement, in his opinion rather more accurately. Michael Say asked for this to be resubmitted to the same length of text as currently included.

f/ Bob Wrigley took away a hard copy of SubV4 for a final read- through.

g/ At a suitable point, AVBC will be asked about the voting modus operandi. Postal voting, as is normal, was agreed as being necessary. Opportunities for further publicising the date i.e. over and above AVBC’s normal method, will be clarified. Extending the publicity to include offering voters transport to the Memorial Hall will also be explored.

Progress on all other accompanying documents and linking cover design

The three required documents for submission to AVBC were confirmed as the Neighbourhood Plan; Consultation summary; Basic conditions statement.   Michael Say confirmed that Helen Metcalfe was finalising the last two for completion by the end of March, latest.


The Village design statement and the Sustainability assessment were ready for inclusion on the Parish web site, subject to the new cover being agreed.

A revised cover design for the main Plan document and a common design linking all the other subsidiary documents was submitted and approved.

Studio work costs

Michael Say confirmed that work on the SubV4 document pictures substitution, view corridors re-jig and the covers designs totalled £255. A further allowance of £245 should be made for pre-referendum publicity, potentially covering a door-to-door newsletter, posters etc. Total cost £500.

Any other business

Strategic environmental assessment

Michael Say advised of a document, just received from AVBC. They had used a firm called AECOM to assess the Plan’s policies and advise on whether these would have an effect on the environment. AECOM’S summary position was that the Plan ‘will have no likely significant effects (either positive or negative) and therefor a SEA is not required.’ AVBC will need to check this with the various statutory consultees despite the fact that all of these were consulted during the Oct 1 0 –Nov 16th exercise with no resulting conflict reported.

The AECOM document also noted that an HRA is not required in view of no likely significant effects on European sites.

Helen Metcalfe had been copied into all of this.

Exterior lighting in the Parish.

Chairman believed that the Village design statement could be usefully added to so that wording could be included to try and influence households to reduce or better control exterior lighting on existing properties. This would give the Parish Council support in moves to improve the parish’s dark skies aspiration.

Michael Say will draft copy.

Future meetings

Thursdays, April 14th, May 12th, June 9th, all at the Memorial Hall at 7.00pm.

A meeting to discuss pre-referendum tactics, once the date is known, will most certainly arise but not necessarily on any of these dates. It was agreed that, nevertheless, they should all be diary noted and the Secretary will advise about each one in good time.