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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday March 12th 2015.

Venue; Bowls Club Pavilion, Hazelwood.

Present; Martin Angold, Robert Walker, Mike Wood, Bob & Irene Wrigley, Michael Say,

Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Guest; Gareth Maw.

Apologies; Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Keith Walker, Barbara Angold, Martin Farrell, Glen & Lesley Wall.


The Minutes for the Feb 12th meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

Email list of supporters.

Keith Walker had reported now having to hand;

a) The Parish List taken from the Electoral Register - 152 addresses with 50 e-mail addresses

b) The Parish Magazine recipients list - 149 addresses with 44 e-mail addresses

c) The list of e-mail addresses that we hold - 68 in total.

It was agreed that, as the original objective was/is to ‘grow’ the c) 68 supporters’ list by as many new email addresses as possible, Keith would be asked to do the necessary cross-checking. Michael Say to contact him.

Tree audit

Glen Wall and Keith Walker had agreed to start this process, as a prelude to ultimately moving to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). Martin Angold wondered whether a full audit was potentially excessive as surely the main focus ought to be on significant trees and particular specimens. Mike Wood said that the primary reason for TPO’s was to prevent any developer taking down trees to the detriment of the Parish character.

It was agreed that the ‘audit’ inference of every tree in the Parish being recorded was somewhat exaggerated. Doubtless, both Glen and Keith would proceed with their usual pragmatism.

Housing Needs Assessment.

The modified version, following the Feb 12th meeting with Alison Clamp, had been produced and circulated. It was largely approved, subject to some relatively small detail issues. Although these were listed separately so that Michael Say can meet with Alison Clamp to finalise the document, the key modifications are noted below.

In addition, although the crucial summary pages were approved, subject only to very minor changes, colleagues were asked to study these again and provide any further comments, if these occur. Contact with Alison will not take place until late w/c March 16th.


The 103 returns will be shown to be a net 97 + 6 Xerox copies of Section 2 of the document. This therefore emphasises that 97 equates to the base number of households which responded v. the 142 households distributed to in the Parish. (The 72.5% response rate is base on the 103 returns figure).

In addition, this then makes the Household Size and Mix bar charts (P6) and the Q3 Tenure of all Respondents (P7) clearer.

NB It was acknowledged that the 142 households had been supplemented by a small handful of non-parish - but interested - properties just outside the boundary. Statistically, the number was insignificant


The text, which correctly details the most and least popular developments, will conclude at that point


The landscape treatment of the chart was much improved. ‘Multiple choices’ will be added for clarity.


The questionnaire PART 2, covering Question 13 onwards, will plainly show in the introduction that 46 responses were received. This will then more clearly set the scene for the following pages.


The bar charts do not show the full range of bedrooms for each type of accommodation, as per the original question. This is to be altered.


The reference to ‘need’ is to be used throughout, not ‘demand’. Reference to ‘affordable housing’ is to be deleted.

Draft Objectives and policies document (7/3/15)

After discussion, this was approved. albeit with a caveat concerning Keith Walker’s emailed comment. He was concerned that the use of a Midlands Rural Housing model, to ensure affordable housing for the parish’s younger people, was not overtly shown. It was agreed that this was the case but, equally, not clear as to whether this was likely to be a ‘permissible’ planning stricture within the Neighbourhood Plan.

It was agreed that this ’Hazelwood houses for Hazelwood people’ v. the open market conundrum was still to be pinned down and will be a discussion point with Helen Metcalfe. Bob Wrigley advised that, certainly, a scheme is in being in Hulland Ward and doubtless elsewhere. Alison Clamp had also given some insights at the Feb 12th meeting and these could be revisited with her.

The Age Structure Review, featuring 2011 Census data, prepared by Bob and Irene Wrigley, was discussed. Martin Angold mentioned Helen Metcalfe’s earlier suggestion that it  would be useful to compare this to the 2001 data. This was agreed; Bob and Irene to action.

Martin Angold will re-format this and recirculate. His main action will be to get this to Helen Metcalfe for her initial comments and as a prelude to an early meeting with her. Subject to those comments, the document will allow the group to confidently arrange an Open Evening late April/early May (see below).

Open Evening.

Michael Say suggested that yet another research findings-based occasion might lack appeal. He suggested a more rounded event showing more definitive objectives and policies, key findings of the HNA survey and an introduction to the Village Design Statement. This would then show real progress and be useful in gaining feedback.  This was agreed.

It was also agreed that, although the planned content took the emphasis away from, purely, the HNA survey, it would be useful to have Alison Clamp or a colleague, available for questions.

The date will be determined soon, (avoiding May 4th May Day hol.)  Martin Angold said that Thursdays, after early April, were reasonably open.


After discussion it was agreed that the April church magazine issue will not be used.

Once the Open Evening date is fixed, media will be;

 May church mag, assuming the date allows this

 Email list - hopefully expanded



Any other business


Date of next meeting

Thursday April 9th, Memorial Hall, 7.00pm

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