Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday November 19th 2015

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; Margaret Heath, Richard Heath, Kevin Eaton, (Chairman), Robert Walker,

    Mike Wood, Irene Wrigley, Bob Wrigley, Keith Walker, Judy Harris, Michael Say,

    Glen and Lesley Wall.

Apologies; Kay Reid


The October 15th Minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.


Consultation exercise.

The October 1st – November 16th period and the various actions had all happened, as planned. Michael Say summarised the responses;

*Drop-in sessions had provided 5 signed comment sheets, all supportive.

The issue of excess lighting and attempting to support a ‘Dark skies’ policy (not in the Plan) had come up in conversation. It was agreed that, although this is a feature of the Village Design Statement, it perhaps merited its own policy, particularly as Helen Metcalfe believed that such a policy was not in being from AVBC.

*The Statutory contacts had produced 5 responses; all advising no issues.

*Three parishioners had provided emailed comments; one on a traffic matter but otherwise supportive; two with issues regarding Policy 1 (see later comments)

AVBC/Rachael Coates

 The key response from AVBC i.e. the Health check, instigated after the October 13th meeting with Rachael, was not yet to hand. Michael Say reported that he had spoken to her about this and she was chasing the issue. He had also emailed her on November 19th (a copy is attached to these Minutes) in order to both confirm the conversation and to outline the Plan’s Policy 1 dilemma. The email was read out to the meeting,

 -highlighting the issue of AVBC’s draft policy SS12,

- the fact that the Plan’s Policy 1 anticipates it’s inclusion in the forthcoming emerging Local Plan

-and the belief by two parishioners that, despite this, the planning status quo should remain as the Plan’s Policy 1 with no reference to either’ adjoining’ or adjacent to’

It was agreed that the AVBC response was crucial and little progress could be made until its receipt. In the meantime Chairman said that all responses would be formally considered. In this connection, the lengthy email attachment from one of the two parishioner, currently ‘missing’, will be reacquired.

Meeting with Helen Metcalfe.

Chairman reported the working party had met with Helen the day prior.  The main purpose was to report on the consultation exercise and outcome; in addition, to agree on what happens next.

The matter of Policy 1 had been discussed and Helen had been sent the email exchanges with one questioning parishioner (the other was received after the meeting). She agreed that

Policy 1, in its present form, was likely to reflect the future AVBC Local Plan and be in conformity with NPPF. That was why it had been written that way! Clearly the response from the Health check was crucial.

Whilst waiting on this, her future work (excluding the half day meeting) was agreed as;

*Future Plan amendments 2 days

*Contingency   0.5 day

*Basic Conditions Statement 2 days

*Help with SG prepared Consultation Statement 2 days.


The question of the grant money and time limits needs to be checked. Keith Walker will talk to Martin Angold re; this. Currently, £6k+ was available, according to the details provided by Martin, before his departure.

Accruing for Helen’s future work will use £3,250. Michael Say suggested that a future, final newsletter i.e. design, possible printing plus pre-referendum publicity material, as suggested by Glen Wall, should also be allowed for, at around £750.

Any other business.


Future meeting dates.

Judy Harris advised that the Memorial Hall was not available for Dec, Jan, Feb and March excluding Fridays. As the bowls pavilion is full of equipment, the church will be investigated. The mooted Thursday December 17th date will depend on having received the Health check response from AVBC so is provisional for the moment.