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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday November 13th 2014.

Venue; Memorial Hall.

Present; Martin Angold, Robert Walker,  Mike Wood, Keith Walker,  Glen Wall, Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Margaret Heath, Richard Heath, Michael Say, Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Apologies; David Railton, Bob and Irene Wrigley, Lesley Wall.


The Minutes for Oct 23rd were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising


Open evening Thursday Nov 27th


The theme for the evening was UPDATE.



A4 posters were further distributed against the list of display points.

A suggestion was made that a further 12 approx could be put about the parish e.g. bus shelters and other visible points, to advantage.


Martin Angold will print off another quantity and provide to Keith Walker for laminating. Take-up will be Glen, Margaret, Kay, Judy, Michael.


Against the listing held, Martin Angold had sent out, firstly, the poster as an opening salvo and then a message from Chairman. One, possibly two more emails will be sent as reminders.

Order of events

This was outlined together with who will speak on which topic.


The ‘slide’ show element remains to be prepared, jointly by Michael Say and Martin Angold.


These were reviewed. Most of the material is available from the last usage. New material will include;

A3 print-out of the vision statement

A3 print out of the draft objectives, from Mike Wood’s draft objectives and policies document (see later comments).

Village Design Statement (VDS) details

Visual Impact reference

Action; Michael Say/Mike Wood.

PA and projector

Keith Walker confirmed the pa; David Railton the projector. Judy Harris to contact David to obtain, in Michael Say’s absence.


Judy Harris confirmed need to purchase wine for the evening.

Glen Wall confirmed that Franjoy Dairy was arranged, via contact by Lesley.


This will commence at 2.00pm on the day.

Housing Needs Assessment - Midlands Rural Housing.

Draft letter

In order to move this along, bearing in mind the time-consuming personalisation and signing, this had already been actioned. Modifications had been minimal. Martin Angold reported that he had already received the letters from Alison Clamp.

Draft questionnaire

This was looked at in detail, modifications agreed as well as some questions that will be put to Alison Clamp. Overall, everyone thought that the content was comprehensive. Confirmation from Helen Metcalfe* that it met her criteria was still awaited but, given the liaison between her and Alison, it was likely.

*Since received


Michael Say/Kevin Eaton to meet Alison Clamp at Kevin’s home on Tuesday

Nov 18th 4.00pm to confirm outstanding points.


It was agreed that a working party will be organised to collate and insert all envelopes, once all material is to hand. Royal Mail will be used rather than distribution by the group.


Assuming all material ex Alison Clamp by Friday Nov 21, a working party can conclude the job at the beginning of w/c Nov 24. Despatch no later than mid-week will mean that recipients have the following weekend, the next week and final weekend before the return date of Mon Dec 8th, as planned.

Any other business.

Parish Council response to the Heathcote planning application

This was noted as a sound response and also helped to show the emerging influence of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Helen Metcalfe draft objectives and policies document

The Secretary advised that this had not been circulated, yet, as Chairman agreed that there was a danger of information overload. The whole reason for the document’s preparation needed proper discussion. Initially, however, Mike Wood’s comments were sought.

He advised that it had resulted from an agreed interchange between Helen and him, following on from Mike’s original drafts and Helen’s initial response. This was critical of some aspects and Mike had asked her to provide a ’steer’ as to what should be written. The primary aim was to establish draft objectives and, possibly, policies that everyone would feel confident about showing at the Open Evening. Thereafter, the document would be the basis for progression.

Mike felt that Helen’s document, whilst useful in some respects, went further than he was expecting but in so doing, missed the essential ‘Hazelwood’ focus. He maintained that his original suggestions were still sound, particularly when underpinned by the intended Village Design Statement and the Visual Impact Assessment. Mike then demonstrated this by showing his ‘Hazelwood’ policy thoughts supporting his original Housing Growth Objective; comparing this with the existing AVBC policy, recently amended. It showed the clear ‘Hazelwood’ focus of the former versus the, understandably, broader based nature of the latter.

In reality, Mike said that housing growth, design, and landscape were still the key elements. Martin Angold suggested that community elements possibly helped the Neighbourhood Plan to present a more ‘rounded’ picture.

As an addendum to the above, both Chairman and Michael Say felt that Helen’s document, whilst clear, gave the impression of being development friendly. This was only a perception but it seemed to be weighted too heavily towards being ‘positive’.

For the purposes of the Open Evening, it was therefore agreed that Mike’s original draft objectives will be shown. In addition, Mike will have the opportunity to support these with an explanation of how these will be achieved and the necessary tools.

Thereafter, Chairman said that an early meeting needs to be arranged with Helen Metcalfe to clarify the somewhat differing current positions. It was essential to establish a mutually agreed forward direction.

Special payment

Chairman sought the Group’s agreement to awarding a contributory emolument to Mike Wood for the preparation of the Village Design Statement. This would be a detailed and time consuming undertaking, crucial to the Plan’s strategy. This was unanimously approved. The exact amount will be determined in conjunction with funding availability and confirmed at the Steering Group meeting on Thursday January 15th 2015

Next meeting

Thursday January 15, 2015, 7.00pm. Memorial Hall

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