Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday September 10th 2015

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; Margaret Heath , Richard Heath , Martin Angold , Kevin Eaton,  Mike Wood , Irene Wrigley , Bob Wrigley , Keith Walker

 Matters Arising :

  a) We need to confirm to whom Glen Wall has sent habitat related data

  b) Meet with Helen Metcalfe : she is OK with evolution of Plan , we now

      focus on “ final draft “

       copy to Gareth Maw for links integrity  MA

       check in detail for typo's    Bob W

       text should then be OK & we deal

       with cosmetic issues later

       review sustainability grid    Mike W

  Minutes of last Meeting approved

 Scheduled Consultancy period will be 01/10 until 16/11.

 We assume that any comments received in the Consultancy will need to be

 attributable , so must be recorded.

 Draft of the Precis document is available for delivery with cover letter. Should

 be delivered by the weekend of 26/27 September.

 Posters will need to be laminated    KW


 E-mail will be used for our master list   MA

 Parish Mag entry      MA

 Main NP Doc will be sited in 3 pubs , Duffield & Belper libraries ,

 Mem Hall , St John's Church , Inf Centre and Shottlegate WI. We will

 bind in hard covers for durability.

Open evenings for drop in sessions – 4 in total – Tues. Oct 13, Wed. Oct21,  Thurs. Oct 22, Sat Nov 7. NPG members to spread their participation across these 4 events.

 News / Media notification     MS

 Update Mailing lists       MA

 We will need to set up a forum to review any comments and formalise any

 decisions taken over them, or not, with reasons.

 NEXT MEETING : 18/09 at 0900 at The Mount.(Working group)

    15/10 in Bowls Pavilion  (Steering Group)

 AOB :  None