Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Community Objectives

The community objectives reflect the aspirations of Hazelwood residents to see limited but well designed, sensitively located development that meets local needs (whether that is for smaller dwellings or for small business premises) in the parish over the plan period.

Community Objective 1:  Design and Location Principles

To ensure that all new development is designed and located so that it minimises its impact on the natural and built environment, whilst providing direct benefit to local people by

a) being located adjacent to the existing built-up area

b) being suitable to meet local needs

c) encouraging appropriate local business growth

d) being informed by the Village Design Statement

e) being underpinned by extensive local consultation.

Community Objective 2:  Pre Application Community Consultation

To ensure that the community is consulted early in the planning application process via the mechanisms outlined in this Neighbourhood Plan.

Community Objective 3: Environmental Protection and Enhancement

To protect and enhance the quality of Hazelwood’s special and valued landscape character, scenic beauty and traditional buildings within the landscape and to

a) promote biodiversity,

b) retain the rural, open character of the Plan area

c) retain the visual connections with the countryside from public areas

d) protect the Special Landscape Area, the Green Belt and the Derwent Valley Mills Buffer Zone

Community Objective 4: Housing Design

To ensure that all new development relates positively in form and function, in particular with respect to materials and style, so that it enhances, rather than diminishes, the existing character of the Plan area and enables homes of high quality and sustainable design to be constructed.

Community Objective 5: Housing Type

To ensure that future housing development meets the needs of the Neighbourhood for a balanced ‘all age’ community, especially reflecting the requirement for smaller houses -  either for elderly residents who prefer to downsize or as starter houses for younger residents.

Community Objective 6: Supporting Local Businesses

To promote the economic vitality of the parish of Hazelwood by ensuring that;

a) future housing development is flexibly designed to support home working

b) good broadband connectivity is possible

c) existing businesses have the flexibility to expand

e) new small  businesses are encouraged to locate to the area.

Community Objective 7:  Community Facilities

To consider proposals for the extension and enhancement of public spaces and buildings that provide facilities to sustain and strengthen social cohesion within the parish of Hazelwood.

Community Objective 8: Transport and Getting Around

To work with DCC and community transport groups to promote more frequent and direct public transport services. To encourage the provision of signage to reduce speeding.


The development management policies in this neighbourhood plan will guide the future developments in and around Hazelwood within the designated area covered by the Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan policies have been developed in the context of, and help deliver, the policies in AVBCs emerging Local Plan Part 1 and the saved policies in the 2006 Local Plan. When development is proposed within Hazelwood either by developers, private individuals or other organisations, the policies in the Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan will be referred to by AVBC, Derbyshire County Council and the Government when planning decisions are made.