1.9 Voting

1.9.1 Subject to any legal requirement all questions to be decided by the Council shall be decided by a majority of the members present and voting.

1.9.2 Members shall vote by show of hands. A member’s vote will only be counted if the member is in the room of the meeting at the time the vote is taken.

1.9.3 Immediately after a vote is taken and before the next business is commenced, a member may request that the minutes of the meeting record the way in which the

member has voted or that the member abstained from voting. The minutes shall

note whether the member voted for or against the question put or whether the

member abstained.

1.9.4 Immediately before a vote is taken any member may request that a vote is

recorded. When a request is made the Chair or person nominated by the Chair

shall call the names of all the members and after each name is called the member

shall state whether s/he is voting for or against the question put or abstaining. The

record of voting shall be recorded in the minutes.

1.9.5 In the case of an equality of votes the Chair may give a casting vote whether or not s/he gave a first vote.

1.9.6 The Chair must give a casting vote in the event of there being an equality of votes for the election of the Chair of the Council.

1.10 Conduct

1.10.1 A member when speaking must address the Chair.

1.10.2 Members must behave in a way that is conducive to the efficient conduct of

business and respect the role of the Chair in the proper management of the


1.10.3 If a member persistently disregards the ruling of the Chair by behaving improperly or offensively or deliberately obstructing business, the Chair may move that the member be not further heard. If the motion is seconded, it must be put to the vote immediately without discussion.

1.10.4 If the member continues to behave improperly after a motion that the member be not further heard, the Chair may move that either the member leaves the meeting or that the meeting is adjourned for a specified period. If the motion is seconded, it must be put to the vote immediately without discussion.

1.10.5 If there is a general disturbance at the meeting involving any person present,

making the orderly conduct of business impractical, the Chair may adjourn the

meeting for as long as s/he considers necessary.

Delegation to employees

The Parish Clerk

1. The Clerk shall be the proper officer for all proper officer functions.

2. The Clerk shall manage all employees of the Council and has the authority to take disciplinary  action under agreed procedures.

3. The Clerk shall make arrangements to pay salaries and wages to all employees of the Council.

5. The Clerk shall arrange and call meetings of the Council in consultation with the chair.

6. The Clerk shall carry out and implement any Council decision.

7. The Clerk may take urgent decisions on behalf of the Council in consultation with the Chair and/or another member(s).

The Lettings Officer

1. The Lettings Officer shall accept bookings and hiring of The Memorial Hall on behalf of the Council.


1. Access to meetings

1.1 The public and press are entitled to attend any meeting of the Council unless excluded by formal resolution in relation to any matter of business.

1.2 Notice of all meetings and agenda for meetings will be placed on the Notice Board at least 3 clear days before the meeting. Agenda for meetings will also be put on the Parish Council website.

1.3 The public may put questions and/or make comments to meetings of the Parish Council in accordance with Standing Orders.1.4 Petitions may be presented to meetings of the parish Council in accordance with Standing Orders.

1.5 The Taking of photographs and video and sound recording by any person at any meeting may only  be done with the permission of the Council.

2. Access to documents

2.1 A reasonable number of copies of agendas shall be available from the Clerk for the public attending meetings.

2.2 Minutes of meetings shall be available free to the public on application to the Clerk.  (Bulk and multiple applications may be subject to a copying charge.)

2.3 Agreed minutes shall be available from the Clerk and on the Parish Council’s website.2.4 A reasonable number of open reports submitted to meetings of the Council and committees shall be available from the Clerk for the public attending meetings.

2.5 Open reports may subsequently be obtained by the public on application to the Clerk.  (A copying charge may be applied)

2.6 Applications under the Freedom of Information Act should be addressed to the Clerk.

2.7 Applications for personal information under the Data Protection Act 1998 should be  addressed to the Clerk.

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