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Last updated 25 August 2015

Hazelwood Parish   Neighbourhood Plan
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A vision of how the neighbourhood would like to see Hazelwood in 15 years time is a brief statement which acts as the starting point for developing the strategies that can determine how a Neighbourhood Plan will be constructed.

The following VISION Statement that has been subjected to many modifications and subsequently endorsed by the Parish Council and reviewed at public meetings.

In 15 years’ time, Hazelwood Parish will be relatively unchanged – as an essentially quiet, peaceful, rural area with its character in harmony with the landscape. This will be achieved by protecting and maintaining the character of the built environment and preserving the landscape.  The parish will be a welcoming and thriving community for all ages.  It will grow slowly providing a high quality environment in which to live, work and visit.  The special landscape which defines the parish will continue to inspire the community.